Frida Kahlo inspired papercut

I am so keen to get back to this papercut which I started a while ago but had to postpone due to the Summer Hols and house renovations! I have always been a fan of Frida Kahlo and her extraordinary autobiographical work and have wanted to do a series of Frida inspired paper cuts for a while. Here is a sneak peak of my first work in progress. I will keep you updated as it progresses!

Henri Matisse - The Cut-Outs

I was very excited to get tickets for the final evening of the Henri Matisse exhibition "The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern. So glad I persisted after the online booking system refused to let me book! It was well worth the visit, a bit crowded as we'd left it until the last minute but and both my husband and nine year old daughter also loved it.

I was inspired by the vibrant colour and exuberance of the works. They looked so free and spontaneous, but I was relieved to read that Matisse did in fact struggle with some of his compositions, and tweaked and amended them many times until he was completely happy. It was lovely to see the extra bits of paper cut and pasted onto works and the many pinholes made when pieces were arranged and rearranged. It has (hopefully) inspired me to be less concerned with getting things right first time and to introduce more colour into my own papercuts.


If you didn't get to the exhibition, the Tate have produced a comprehensive accompanying book, Henri Matisse The Cut-Outs. 



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